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See the physical location of a website while you are browsing - right in your browser without having to open another page.

uDomainFlag is an open source extension for your web browser. This extension shows you automatically where the server of a website is located while you visit a website. If you want more details about the location, just click on the displayed flag. You can see the approximate location (country, state and city), the IP addresses behind the website you have called up and the description of the operator of the IP network. If you want to see more information, you can call it up by clicking on "Additional information".
With this extension, you can see where your browser is communicating and which country you are connecting to.

The country information is always up to date and is only requested when required. You can find detailed instructions on how uDomainFlag works at

The functionality of uDomainFlag is explained at, which permissions are used, encryption measures for data transfer, measures for data protection, change history and answers to other frequently asked questions.

If you have found a bug, please report it at
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